Just One of the Kids: Raising a Resilient Family When One of Your Children Has a Physical Disability by Kay Harris Kriegsman, Ph.D. and Sara Palmer, Ph.D. is a resource that offers stories, tips and tools to help parents, grandparents and children with physical disabilities thrive. What makes the book unique is its aim to address the whole family, rather than just the child with disabilities. It teaches families how to cope with the challenges and relish the joys of their unique situations.

The book includes chapters on how to accept a diagnosis of disability, as well as sections on how parents, siblings, and grandparents can remain resilient in the face of the challenges they face. Not only does Just One of the Kids provide information from experts in the field, but it also offers families the stories of other families who have survived and thrived raising children with disabilities among non-disabled siblings. We believe this book is a great guide for parents to raise all their children and to care for themselves.

Image Description: Cover of "Just One of the Kids" by Kay Harris Kriegsman and Sara Palmer.

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